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How to launch a new product with email marketing

I helped a business owner generate $7,054 in 5 days. He only had 1,000 email subscribers, and did $164 the previous 2 months. Here's how we did it.
If you run a newsletter or ecommerce store, this is for you.
A simple 5-day launch framework that works like gangbusters (and some other tips).

The Structure

There are 2 parts to a launch:
Launch itself
If you’re doing your job right, the pre-launch should do most of the heavy lifting.
Example below.


In our case, the product was set to launch later in the month.
The pre-launch timeline looks like this:
Early, broad tease
3 days before — “{Product} launches on {date}! Here’s what you need to know.”
2 days before — resend announcement ^ to unopens
1 day before — “{Product} launches tomorrow!”
Launch day

When we opened the cart for the launch, the first email was simple.
“It’s finally here! Use this code to get your discount!”
That type of email.
If you do the pre-launch, you won’t need any persuasion in this email.
For us, the first email drove the most revenue (pent-up demand).

Specific Targeting

We segmented the email list into two groups: previous buyers & non-buyers.
Previous buyers → discount
Non-buyers got a smaller incentive (t-shirt)
Each day, we sent out 2 emails.
Here’s the framework 👇

Launch Framework

Day 1: Launch begins! Here’s the discount code!
Day 2: What is {product} and how it can change your life
Day 3: Social proof
Day 4: Common questions/objections
Day 5: Cart is closing!
One email to each segment, per day = 10 total emails

Other Details

1. There’s three parts to email marketing: copy, design, strategy.
In my experience, plain text emails work just as good (if not better) than design heavy emails.
2. You will see the most sales on the first and last days.
This is typical.
3. The first 3 weeks of campaigns after your launch should focus on content (not sales).
You’ve just hit your list hard.
Give it time to recover.
Provide a ton of free value.
Create die-hard fans.

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