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How to grow an audience

I've built 3 different audiences to 10,000+ followers (on 2 different platforms). I'm not the best audience builder, but here's what I know.
Like I said, I’m not the best.
But I’ve learned a thing or two (and worked with some people who have MASSIVE audiences).
Here’s the quick ‘n dirty rundown 👇


Post content every day.
At the same time, if possible.
Don’t miss a day.
Momentum is critical when building an audience.
When you get a little bit of it — PUSH.
Don’t waste that opportunity.
9 out of 10 posts will flop.
Who cares?
Post a ridiculous amount of content until you know why that ONE post went viral.
Quantity, quantity, quantity.

Over-The-Top Authenticity

Share uncomfortably intimate details.
That’s the stuff people love.
Financial documents (be smart about this please)
Sad stories
Step-by-step details
Things that people can’t find anywhere else.
That’s what separates you from the crowd.
Be authentic.
It’s scary.
Do it anyway.


How you say something is just as important as what you say.
This is true on all platforms: Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
It shouldn’t take any effort to consume your content.
Make it SO easy for people to read, watch, listen to.
If you don’t, they won’t give your content a chance.
Bad formatting kills great content.
Spend time formatting well.

Make friends

3 things here.
There are lots of amazing people on social media. Reach out, say hi, meet them. Your life will improve.
Making friends on social media is a growth hack. They’ll engage with your content.
Don’t be weird about this ^ — don’t use other people. Make genuine friendships.

Read out loud

This is for Twitter & LinkedIn specifically.
Head-writing is dangerous.
You think you’re telling a story in a conversational tone.
But you’re not.
Read your posts out loud.
Edit over and over until it sounds like a conversation you’d have with a friend.
Informality is beautiful.
Be casual.
Write like you talk.

Specific niche

It’s so much easier to grow when you’re known as the X guy.
Email Marketing guy
Baseball guy
Horse guy
Fashion guy
If you appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one.
I’ve struggled with this first hand.
A stupid little Twitter niche page gets the highest engagement of ANY personal account I have.
It’s specific and consistent.
People love it.
They know what they’re going to get.
The more specific your niche, the stronger your engagement will be.

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