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How to do business with successful people

I've connected with millionaires, popular creators, and famous athletes using this proven framework. It works like a charm. See examples below.
A single connection can change your life.
But how do you get in the room with heavy hitters?

Introducing the Unreasonable Method

A proven framework I've used countless times to network with millionaires, popular creators, and famous athletes. I’ve tried a lot of things — this works best.

Step 1: The Target 🎯

Learn the ins & outs of your target person:
What they do for a living
• Their ultimate goal
• The struggles they may experience
If you don't know these answers, make your best guess.
Then, you need a tangible "north star."

Step 2: The "North Star" ⭐️

Choose an outrageously good outcome for your prospect.
Some examples:
20,000 newsletter subscribers
• 20 new deals in a month
• Appearance on 5 top podcasts
The outcome should be tangible (like a statistic).
Next comes the crazy part.

3. The Impact 👊

Get the result, then give it away for FREE."
But that's unreasonable."
That's the point.
Here's the harsh truth:
These people get 100+ DMs and emails every day with people wanting to "pick their brain."You have to STAND OUT.
Here's an example:

Example 1

A few months ago, I wanted to connect with a guy who runs a semi-large public company.
Instead of asking if he wanted to connect, I searched his content.
In a video, he expressed desire to work with a creator who had 8M followers on TikTok.
So what did I do?
I spent a couple hours reviewing the creator's content, and looked for ways that a partnership between these two guys would make sense.
Then, it hit me.
I wrote the creator an email showing how a conversation with this guy could change the direction of his life.
Screen Shot 2023-06-09 at 12.04.57 AM.png
The result?

Example 1 Result

The creator responded in 10 minutes, eager to chat.
Instead of asking my target person to "connect," I offered:
• An introduction to the massive creator he wanted to work with
• Pre-sold the creator on the idea
• Hyped my guy up
Creator response 👇
Screen Shot 2023-06-09 at 12.06.05 AM.png
From my target person 👇
Screen Shot 2023-06-09 at 12.12.50 AM.png
See the difference?
But wait, there’s more:

Know what I got from this exchange?
I haven't spoken to my target person since that interaction, but that's part of the game.
It's not always going to carry an immediate ROI.
Other times, the payoff is BIG.
Here's an example with a better ending 👇

Example 2

There's a large creator on Twitter that I like.
His audience demographic is similar to mine, so I figured we might be able to partner on something. He's on all platforms: Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Newsletter, Podcast, etc.
How would YOU get his attention?
Here's what I did:
Screen Shot 2023-06-09 at 12.18.39 AM.png
(explained below)

Example 2 Result

I created a comprehensive document auditing his entire content ecosystem and funnel, showing where he could be losing followers and money.
I also highlighted the most important part for him in case he didn't want to read the whole thing.
Guess what's happening now?
We're finalizing a deal together.
And he's bringing in another heavy hitter.
Screen Shot 2023-06-09 at 12.19.27 AM.png

It's simple:
1. Learn the ins & outs of your target person
2. Establish a "north star" statistic
3. Get the result, then give it away for free
It's unreasonable, and that's why it works.

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